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Dr. Megha Teeka, MD, DABOM

I strive for evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making. My goal is to work collaboratively with my patients to help them achieve good quality of physical and mental health. My proficiency in English, Kannada and Telugu enables me to connect with a wider spectrum of patients.

Obesity Medicine is a passion of mine. During my certification, I delved deeply into its science and pathophysiology, understanding its intertwining elements of lifestyle, hormones, genetics, and cognitive factors. I’ve personally struggled with this and have a unique understanding. I love helping people improve their overall health, managing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health problems through weight loss. I customize solutions involving nutrition, physical activity, and medications when needed. You’re welcome to keep your primary doctor and see me specifically for your weight concerns.

Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my family—my husband and three little munchkins. I indulge in activities like reading, baking, traveling, and, like everyone else, enjoy hanging out with friends and shopping.


Ekta S. Patel, MD

Approach to Comprehensive Care
Embracing prevention and chronic care treatment across all life stages, I aim to become an integral part of the families I serve. I focus on establishing compassionate partnerships for wellness, emphasizing preventive care and creating a supportive environment at the core of my practice.

Medical Expertise and Patient-Centered Care
My expertise includes various clinical procedures, such as skin biopsies, Botox, filler injections, joint procedures, endometrial biopsies, and IUD placements. I strongly advocate for evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making, working collaboratively with my patients to ensure their physical and mental health is optimized.

Cultural Connection and Language Proficiency
I firmly believe in treating the whole patient rather than just their ailment. I develop tailored care plans to suit diverse lifestyles and to enhance the overall health of my patients. Proficiency in languages like Hindi and Gujarati allows me to connect with a broader range of patients.

Personal Interests and Values
Beyond my professional endeavors, I find solace and joy in outdoor activities such as playing pickleball, biking, and hiking. However, my life’s pillars are my family and faith, where I find my greatest support and happiness.