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JioMed was founded on the principles of personalized physician care. We believe that the best medical care is delivered when a doctor truly understands their patient, has the time to provide the highest level of care, and the flexibility to tailor treatments to everyone. Our passion for this approach to healthcare led us to establish this independent practice. As healthcare has grown increasingly complex and we’ve observed challenges for our patients in accessing timely appointments. In response, we are excited to introduce our Concierge Medicine Membership. By embracing this innovative and modern approach, we aim to establish a more direct and meaningful connection

We look forward to continuing our journey with you in this new and improved model of care. Take a moment to explore the details below.

Benefits of Our Concierge Medicine Membership

Improved Access: Enjoy quicker and more convenient access to urgent appointments

Direct Communication: Connect directly with your doctor through text messaging

Rapid Responses: Expect answers to your inquiries within approximately 4 business hours

Effortless Medication Management: Simplify the process of refilling medications and scheduling appointments

Comprehensive Annual Physical: Experience an expanded and more thorough annual physical examination

Longer appointment time: So that you don’t feel rushed, and we can address your concerns

Our Unique Hybrid Model

At JioMed, we’ve designed a unique healthcare model that combines the benefits of a low-cost monthly membership with the reliability of insurance-based care.

Insurance Benefits: Rest assured, your insurance benefits for office visits, annual physicals, lab work, imaging, and more remain intact. There are no changes to your insurance coverage in these areas.

Monthly Membership: Our monthly membership offers an additional layer of service beyond what insurance covers. It grants you direct and open communication with your doctor between appointments. This means you can easily reach out to your healthcare provider for any questions, concerns, or guidance outside of scheduled visits.

With our hybrid model, we strive to offer you a comprehensive healthcare experience that combines the best of both worlds—affordability and enhanced access to your trusted physician.

Cost of Our Membership Plan

Individual Membership: $40/month (No hidden fees)

For every Additional Adult from Same Household: $30/month

Children (Ages 0-18): $10/month

** Contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute online appointment and learn more about concierge medicine. **

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work with insurance?

Your insurance and how you use it stays the same. This is an additional service. Office and telehealth appointments will be billed to insurance like normal. For some patients, we may need less office visits with this system. Ultimately, this is a higher level of access and care that is and add-on to what your insurance offers. Insurance tends to create many barriers that a membership model can eliminate.

Can I use and FSA or HSA for this?
Probably. Each plan is different. Sometimes “memberships” are excluded, but we could itemize the services you got that were covered if you needed this for your particular plan. I’d always advise checking with your plan or employer or accountant as the liability would fall on you the patient to be using these funds appropriately. But, my understanding is many patients pay for these types of health services with FSAs or HSAs.
How much does the membership cost?
The membership costs only $40/mo. For additional adults in your household, it’s $30/mo. Children under 18 are $10/mo. Your membership can be paid up front or monthly.
Can I sign up a family member or partner?
YES! We love taking care of whole families. From babies on up, we are here for your entire household! ($30/mo. for second adult, $10/mo. for children).
When do I need to decide?
Limited spots are available so the physicians can be available at a higher level to those who join. Earlier the better. We are providing this service to limited number of patients.
What if I don't have insurance?
No problem! This membership goes great with self-pay or healthcare plans and provides reliable primary care access and office visits at a discount.